• Some Bigband in 2023

    Besides many pop concerts this year, I’m happy to share some Bigband music I was lucky to be part of. I had a little solo in this one.

  • Deep Purple

    October 22 I had the huge honor to be part of the Berlin show of DEEP PURPLE. This was part of their 2022 world tour and had been recorded both video and sound. So maybe there is going to be a more professional recording of this evening.

  • 2022 Alvaro Soler Europe Tour

    Some tour impressions again. Thank you everyone who made this possible and for pushing through after these long month without tours and gigs in the pandemic years!

  • ZDF Bauhaus // Weimar

    Frohes neues Jahr! Am 01.01.22 wurde unser ZDF Bauhaus Konzert in Weimar mit Alvaro Soler ausgestrahlt. Für Stream aufs Bild klicken.

  • 2020

    Slightly different and difficult year for all of us musicians and artist. But nevertheless there had been a few highlights, like recording and some open air live gigs.

  • Summer ’19 Mark Forster

    Some impressions of last summer with Mark Forster. Many new places and faces. Special thanks to the „Bleser“ and the whole „Orchesterchen“.

    📷: @ursmader
    #markforster #wearebns #trumpet

  • Mai ’19

    Alvaro Soler Europe Tour. What great experience to be on tour with these guys. Thank you to everyone involved!
    📷: @maervle @_vincentfranken @shantijoantan
    #alvarosoler #mardecolores #tour #kelvinjones #wearebns #trumpet #mardecoloreseuropeantour2019

  • April ’19

    Arena Tour mit Mark Forster und meinen lieben Kollegen Nils Wrasse und Raphael Klemm. Danke für eine großartige Zeit!

  • Januar ’19

    Das Jahr startet mit der Mark Forster Clubtour

  • Feb./März ’19

    Europe Tour with Junius Meyvant from Island through Scandinavia, France, England, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Nice band, nice people and endless hours in the bus.